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One of our best seller, the web portal allow the staff, teachers and students to login to access their email and more. For demo, Please email us at [email protected] for userid and password.

Available Courses

At I-EDU.COM, we deliver the following courses

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IT Training

At I-Edu.Com, we deliver IT lessons through hands-on instructor-led training so as to prepare each and every student effectively for the future. As the demand for computers and electronic devices proliferate. IT knowledge and skills are essential in order to help us progress in this fast and ever-changing society.

At I-Edu.Com, we believe that students are unique and should be given a chance to explore their abilities to the maximum. Therefore, we have put together a collection of courses to ensure that our students benefit from them.

You’ll be glad to know that we are currently one of the largest and most popular I.T firm in the industry delivering hands-on training. Courses conducted by us includes Web application/design software, Office tools, Hands-on Programming Languages, Video-editing , Artificial Intelligence, Networking ,Computer Hardware and more.

I-QUIZ – Students! Have more fun, get more done!

In order to further enhance students’ learning edge, we have developed an I-QUIZ SOFTWARE. This is an adoptive online quiz game for student to widen the students’ knowledge.

The quiz derives from the popular game show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. Students can simply log into the system by entering their own identity and password, and they can immediately start answering the questions on the platform. With 2 "life-lines" to assist the participant to complete as many questions as possible, participants will have to answer a mixture of Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue, Geography, English and General Knowledge Questions. Results will be captured and some form of remuneration can be awarded to the top winner of the Quiz on a monthly basis.

Students can also form groups to challenge other groups online, where the group with the highest result wins.

There are no limits to the number of questions that can be posted on the site, and a class can take the online quiz at any time of the day. For some schools, students gather together after school just to take a turn at the quiz. * For more information email us at [email protected]

I-Newsletters- Provide updated information to the Alumni, Students and Parent of the school regularly at low cost.

I-Newsletter is online newsletter with all the features you would expect from a typical newsletter and much more. Instead of having a physical newsletter delivered to you everyweek, subscribers will receive the newsletter via Email.

I-Newsletters can also be incorporate into the school’s website so that students, teachers and staff can view the information online anytime, anywhere. I-Newsletters are cost-effective, as it will decrease the paper usage in schools. Parents can also read the newsletter online to see the latest events in the school. and there is also be a feedback column for them to actively submit their view and opinions.

Schools that have business dealing with I-EDU.COM enjoys a discounted rate of 25% for this services.

System / Application / Software Development

Besides providing schools with programs that help to increase the productivity and creativity of the students, we also develop customized software for schools. Based on the requirements, we are able to develop your very own personalized software that suits your needs and your desires. Our team of experienced analyst and programmers will help you obtain this desired software.

Be it educational or non-educational, we always seek the highest quality of products you and your school want.

Wireless LAN

Networking has always been one of our strongest field of specialization and we have helped countless schools and companies set up their networking infrastructure. Today, we have increased our capabilities to wireless networking. With wireless networking, you can surf the web or check your emails minus those cumbersome cables. You can also access the school Intranet from anywhere within the school compound.

At I-Edu.Com, we have put together a collection of network resources for you and your students to enjoy. We foresee that many schools will go wireless in the near future. With a few schools already in Singapore implementing wireless systems, the goal is for all students will carry a notebook with them when they go to class. Teachers will no more have to confine to classrooms to deliver lessons. Lessons can be conducted under a tree, at the school canteen or at the school park. With each student having a notebook of their own, and with wireless networking, they are able to access the Internet anywhere in the school.

Promotion Offer till Dec 2010- Five Network Access Point (Recommended recommended users per Access point is 15-20 users) located anywhere within the school premises at just S$1800 Nett, you and your students can enjoy do research on the intranet/internet anywhere, anytime, without cumbersome cables. * For more information email us at [email protected]

Video Editing/VideoConferencing

Movie making is the next upcoming thing among students and teachers. Video editing is all about the capturing scenes digitally and making them into your very own customized VCD. At I-Edu.Com, we help you fulfill this task. Using the video technology, students and teachers will present their work, their findings, and research all on video. With movie making on the rise, our instructors have also moved into this area with the latest video editing tools to help you and your students achieve the desired results in this area.

A step-by-step hands-on training by our instructors will help make this course easy and enjoyable. Interested in making your own movies? Sign up with us today and receive all this wonderful benefits plus more! * For more information email us at [email protected]

Web and Email Hosting

To support our overall roles in the I.T industry and also to ease the burden of schools, We allow school who has business dealing with us to host their web site on our server at a nominal fee. Beside the school web site, we will also host the Web portal, I-Newsletters, e-learning platforms, and other programs you wish to put online, all on a single server with extremely low costing. 

With our email hosting, we can support your entire school so that all students and teachers will own an email address (e.g [email protected]) to communicate with one another. Teachers can send/deliver last-minute announcements to students with a single click on the mouse button. What's more, we scan your email to ensure that they are free from undesired source and viruses, without infringing into your privacy.

Customised Web Portal

One of our best seller, the portal allow users to login to access their email and more.  There are 5 login mode administrators, teachers, students, Parent & Alumni. Some of features found on our web-portal includes.

  • E-survey - Online survey system with graphic static presentation.
  • E-learning - Online assessment where teachers can create tests, assessment and revision on standard formats. There is also a expire date and disable feature.
  • Forum - Student/Teachers/Staff can post their view and comment here for discussion.
  • E-Material - Repository for documents of standard formats (e.g. .doc, .ppt, .pps, .xls, .pdf, .zip, .exe, etc.) to be uploaded or downloaded.
  • Virtual Classroom - Online chat for teachers and students to engage in real-time online lesson or revision.
  • Online Course Evaluation - a online evaluation system where teacher can input their evaluation after attending a course.
  • E-writer – a place where students can write their composition/ story and be graded. – to be replace by BLOG soon.
  • Online booking - From the football field to the AVT, teachers can do online booking of the school facilities here. All bookings will be recorded and can be printed.
  • Student Portfolio -A place where Student Particulars, Project and Achievements are recorded.
  • Hosting of student project - Finally student will have a place to display their work/project.
  • Inventory Record - Teachers will now have knowledge of the available items in each Venue/Room in the school before they do their booking.
  • Fault Report - Instead of looking high and low for the TA. Teachers can report faulty items in the school here. Date reported will be recorded and monitored.
  • IT Lesson Record - Teachers can record the IT lessons they conducted, the type of software used and more here.
  • Suggestion - Students can post suggestion here and the administrator will be able to give status like pending, implemented, rejected. Good for WITs suggestions.

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