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One of our best seller, the web portal allow the staff, teachers and students to login to access their email and more. For demo, Please email us at [email protected] for userid and password.

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At I-EDU.COM, we deliver the following courses

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About Us

I-EDU.COM is a registered business (IT) firm. Our objective is to provide HIGH QUALITY, professional consultancy services and computer training to the public, corporate and schools. At I-EDU.COM, our clients' satisfaction is our primary concern. We teach our students how to use popular software through hands-on, instructor-led training so as to prepare the students to use the latest technology efficiently to enhance their productivity.

A . Why Choose I-EDU.COM

At I-EDU.COM, our instructors are experts in the field of computer training. They possess a blend of wide range of good software/hardware knowledge and teaching ability, allowing them to motivate and teach the students successfully. Our manager will ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills. We have assigned appropriate manpower to do the job at every stage of our services. Unlike other service providers, our company does not hire contract staff (based on daily/weekly employment contract). Instead we offer our employees a full-time position and in doing so we have minimum turnover of staff which will greatly benefits our clients.

B . Our Clients

To date (September 2012), more than 80 Schools in Singapore have engaged our services. You will also be pleased to know that we have also conducted IT Courses for more than 100 Commercial and Industrial Companies.